One of the most popular questions we get asked is “What tools do I need to get started making wreaths?” I’ve been making wreaths for six years now and tried just about all the gadgets, some of which now are sitting around collecting dust. To help save you some time (and money), I’ve put together my top ten must haves for anyone starting out making wreaths. (This post contains some affiliate links. I would never recommend anything that I do not personally use and love. You can read our full disclosure policy here:

My Top 10 Must Have Wreath Making Tools

1. Cutting Mat – I love this Fiskars Self-Healing Cutting Mat. It makes cutting deco mesh quick and easy. Simply roll out your mesh and cut! The grid ruler print is also great for measuring ribbon for ribbon tails and loops for your hand tied bows. I also use it under my projects to protect my table top from hot glue and scratches. Click Here To View

2. Rotary Cutter – Rotary cutters were originally designed for cutting fabric, but they are perfect for cutting deco mesh as well. The sharp blade cuts mesh in one pass and decreases the amount of fraying. Be sure to use it with a cutting mat so your workspace doesn’t get damaged. Click Here To View

3. Glue Gun – This professional high temp glue gun by Surebonder is our favorite. This heavy duty gun held up over several years of use. I have found that the small glue guns just don’t hold up over time. I use this glue gun to help secure flowers, wreaths, and other miscellaneous accent pieces into my wreaths. It’s a must have for grapevine wreaths as well. Click Here To View

4. Glue sticks – You will need glue sticks to go with your glue gun. Make sure to get the correct size for your gun (they come in two different sizes). I fell in love with these Gorilla brand glue sticks. They live up to the Gorilla name and keep things secure in both hold and cold weather. Click Here To View

5. Mini bolt cutters – I highly recommend you ditch the standard wire cutters and get something heavy duty. These mini bolt cutters by Kobalt chop through floral stems, picks, and wire with no problem. However, if you’d like something a little studier and have a bigger budget, I recommend this stem cutter from Deco Exchange: Click Here To View

6. Metal punch – This is one of the hole punches we use to punch holes in our metal sign. Personally, I never know where I would like the holes placed until I make the wreath.I make my wreath, determine the sign placement, and then punch the holes. It punches through the metal easily. I also use this tool to punch holes in other wreath attachments. Click Here To View

7. Floral wire – Floral wire is a must for almost every wreath. Use it to wire your signs, wreath attachments, ornaments, etc. into your wreath. This 22 gauge wire fits through the holes punched with the metal punch above. Click Here To View

8. Bow maker – A bow maker is an optional tool to have. Most of the time, I hand tie my bows, but on days when my SLE acts up I like to have a bow maker to help hold the ribbon. There are several great bow makers out there such as Pro Bow The Hand, Bowdabra, and EZ Bowmaker. The EZ Bowmaker is the most affordable of the three. You can get it with a coupon for around $5 at Michaels. It’s also great for making rag bows!

9. Scissors – A good pair of scissors is a must. I like the Fiskars razor edge scissors. I use these for cutting ribbon tails. They come in a variety of colors and are extremely sharp so be careful! I made the mistake of running my finger across the blade to see how sharp. Ouch!

10. Ribbon tail boards – These boards from Hot Mesh Mom are my new favorite gadget. I choose the length for my ribbon tails and wrap the ribbon around them. With two quick cuts and I have all the pieces cut to the size I need. Now if someone would just invent some scissors that dove tail the ends at the same time we would be all set! You can get the ribbon tail boards here: Click Here To View


These are the top ten tools in my wreath making tool kit. Do you already have a wreath making tool kit? Let us know what your go to tools are in the comments.

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